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Starting STG Party Rentals

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Have you ever tried organizing a party for various occasions for your friends, family, and your workmates? Have you ever had those moments in preparing for such events feeling hopeless because you wanted to organize it successfully but you're short for equipment?

Well, pretty sure you've heard about party rental businesses. Party rental businesses have this vast inventory of costly supplies that are needed for larger gatherings. Tents, jump houses, inflatable slides, chairs, tables, lighting, decorations, linens, and other items that infrequent party hosts couldn't justify purchasing themselves. 

These establishments frequently have a large inventory of goods from which a host can select, allowing a customer to do virtually all of their supply shopping at one location. If you think about it, this kind of business is very helpful and convenient given how easy your organizing job could be. You won't have to worry about buying things that are for one-time use only. Renting would be easier to do. 

Also, if you ever had that encounter where you are lacking chairs for the event you're organizing, party rentals will help you for that. As part of the rental service, the business will deliver and often set up the equipment. After the event, pickup is also included in the rental cost, though some customers may choose to pick up and drop off smaller pieces of equipment. Pretty convenient, right?

(STG Party Rentals do not own copyright to the picture above)

Engaging into the industry: a good investment?

You may already have experience renting party supplies, such as tents and tables, if you've ever thrown a large-scale party, arranged a wedding, or been in charge of a large corporate event. Starting your own party rental company would allow you to assist other party hosts in locating the equipment they need.

In a matter if it's a good investment or not, you won't actually see the results instantly. Starting a party rental company needs a substantial initial investment due to the large amount of inventory required. Focus on a particular specialty, such as inflatable toys for parties or supplying only wedding decorations, to keep costs down.

The following are examples of typical startup costs:

  • Working capital to finance salaries, lease, insurance, promotion, and other expenses for the first six months.
  • Tables and chairs
  • Supplies & cleaning equipment
  • Signage
  • Inventory
  • Delivery truck/s

Buying all the equipment that you're going to would surely cost quite big. But surely it would be worth the run.

Also you'll be well-suited to running this form of company if you have excellent and an understanding of the various types of equipment needed. To name a few, here are skills that you should be equipped if you want to enter the party rental business:

Learning about event trends. If you enjoy hosting parties and have innovative ideas, you can make suggestions to help hosts throw memorable parties, which will increase your sales. Occasions are usually dependent on what the potential customers might want, whether they like a specific design or motif for their events, this will surely be an opportunity for you to squeeze those creative juices. A party rental company owner must keep an eye on the new party and event patterns. This knowledge will assist in keeping a company's inventory up to date and appealing to potential customers.

You must have experience. Although not needed, a business owner with prior party planning experience would have a greater understanding of the target audience, as well as the obstacles and pain points they face.

A comprehensive understanding of party supplies, from AV technology to tents to folding chairs, will allow a business owner to recognize the most in-demand products and make informed inventory purchases. This is why you must know the different equipment needed from the parties.

Great customer service, organization, and networking skills will help you with your business. During the preparations, there will be moments where emotions are high and you might snap in one bit. You need to have that control and patience in you. Having connections with fellow business owners, friends, and facilities in the industry will help you get recommendations and bookings in the future. Handling your inventory will surely be a hard task that's why you should hone your organization skills.

Lastly, you should also have experience in managing your employees. You will be working a lot of them and training them to work effectively in this business. They are valuable to you so you should handle and take care of them.

This is a competitive industry as well. Customers will demand modern and high-quality equipment and supplies, so as a business owner, you'll need to stay on top of changing trends and be one of the first in your field to deliver cutting-edge technology. If you're not ready to engage into this business and still want to rent a party for an upcoming event, you should check STG which stands for Schephathia Termaine Garden. This ambitious couple has put their innovations and designs into some of the most breathtaking designs in order to create a memorable experience. Termaine's knowledge and Schephathia's fashion sense is a beautiful combination that calls for a perfect team.

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